The Who, The Who Hits 50! (2 CD)

Стиль Classic Rock, Rock & Roll
Год 2014
Издание Фирменное издание
Номер в каталоге 602537940486
Format CD

1-1The High NumbersZoot Suit2:01
1-2The WhoI Can't Explain2:05
1-3The WhoAnyway, Anyhow, Anywhere2:41
1-4The WhoMy Generation3:16
1-5The WhoSubstitute3:48
1-6The WhoThe Kids Are Alright3:05
1-7The WhoI'm A Boy2:41
1-8The WhoHappy Jack2:13
1-9The WhoBoris The Spider2:29
1-10The WhoPictures Of Lily2:45
1-11The WhoThe Last Time2:55
1-12The WhoI Can See For Miles4:09
1-13The WhoCall Me Lightning2:25
1-14The WhoDogs3:06
1-15The WhoMagic Bus4:36
1-16The WhoPinball Wizard3:03
1-17The WhoI'm Free2:41
1-18The WhoThe Seeker3:12
1-19The WhoSummertime Blues3:23
1-20The WhoSee Me, Feel Me3:36
1-21The WhoWon't Get Fooled Again3:40
1-22The WhoLet's See Action3:59
1-23The WhoBargain5:34
1-24The WhoBehind Blue Eyes3:43
2-1The WhoBaba O'Riley5:00
2-2The WhoJoin Together4:24
2-3The WhoRelay3:55
2-4The Who5:154:52
2-5The WhoLove Reign O'er Me5:51
2-6The WhoPostcard3:34
2-7The WhoSqueeze Box2:43
2-8The WhoSlip Kid4:34
2-9The WhoWho Are You5:11
2-10The WhoTrick Of The Light4:24
2-11The WhoYou Better You Bet5:37
2-12The WhoDon't Let Go The Coat3:44
2-13The WhoAthena3:47
2-14The WhoEminence Front5:40
2-15The WhoIt's Hard3:45
2-16The WhoReal Good-Looking Boy3:53
2-17The WhoIt's Not Enough4:03
2-18The WhoBe Lucky3:18

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