Sade, The Ultimate Collection (2 CD)

СтильBallad, Easy Listening, Pop Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Vocal
ИзданиеЛицензионное издание
Номер в каталогеMCL-673

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CD 1
1-1Your Love Is King3:41
1-2Smooth Operator4:16
1-3Hang On To Your Love4:29
1-4The Sweetest Taboo4:25
1-5Is It A Crime6:20
1-6Never As Good As The First Time3:56
1-8Love Is Stronger Than Pride4:17
1-10Nothing Can Come Between Us3:52
1-11No Ordinary Love7:18
1-12Kiss Of Life4:10
1-13Feel No Pain5:08
1-14Bullet Proof Soul5:25
CD 2
2-1Cherish The Day6:18
2-3By Your Side4:39
2-6King Of Sorrow4:45
2-7The Sweetest Gift2:19
2-8Soldier Of Love5:56
2-9The Moon And The Sky4:27
2-11Still In Love With You4:24
2-12Love Is Found4:08
2-13I Would Never Have Guessed2:55
2-14The Moon And The Sky (Remix) Featuring – Jay-Z4:26
2-15By Your Side (Neptunes Remix)3:59

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