A-Ha, Time And Again - The Ultimate A-Ha (2 CD)

СтильElectronic, Pop Rock, Synth-pop
ИзданиеФирменное издание
Номер в каталоге9397601005789

The Hits
1-1Take On Me3:48
1-2The Sun Always Shines On TV5:07
1-3Hunting High And Low (7" Remix) Mixed By – Alan Tarney3:47
1-4I've Been Losing You4:25
1-5Cry Wolf4:07
1-6Manhattan Skyline4:48
1-7The Living Daylights4:15
1-8Stay On These Roads4:48
1-9You Are The One (7" Remix) Remix – Justin Strauss3:46
1-10Crying In The Rain4:24
1-11Move To Memphis (Single Version)4:16
1-12Dark Is The Night For All3:46
1-13Summer Moved On4:38
1-14Forever Not Yours4:04
1-17Analogue (All I Want)3:49
1-18Foot Of The Mountain3:57
1-19Under The Makeup3:22
2-1Take On Me (Kygo Remix) Producer – Alan TarneyRemix – Kygo3:46
2-2The Sun Always Shines On TV (Future Funk Squad's 'Radiant 4K' Remix) Producer – Alan TarneyRemix – Glen Nicholls5:38
2-3Cry Wolf (Jellybean Mix) Remix – John "Jellybean" Benitez5:14
2-4Touchy! (House Mix) Producer – Alan TarneyRemix – Paul Simpson5:22
2-5You Are The One (Dub Mix Edit) Producer – Alan TarneyRemix – Justin Strauss5:21
2-6The Blood That Moves The Body (Three-Time Gun Mix) Remix, Producer – Alan Tarney5:10
2-7Summer Moved On (Remix) Producer – Boogieman, Roland SprembergRemix – C.L.A.S.S. Production6:00
2-8Minor Earth Major Sky (Black Dog Mix) Remix – Island Brothers, R.A.S. (2)4:07
2-9Velvet (New York Mix) Remix – John Agnello5:19
2-10Lifelines (Boogieman Remix) Remix – Andreas Herbig4:53
2-11Did Anyone Approach You? (Reamped) Producer – Tore JohanssonRemix – Achim Lindermeir4:51
2-12Celice (Mauracher Remix) Producer – Martin Terefe3:57
2-13Analogue (CG's Electrosphere Edit) Remix – Christian Geller4:10
2-14Cosy Prisons (Aural Float Remix) Remix – Aural Float5:48
2-15Foot Of The Mountain (Erik Ljungren Remix) Producer – Roland SprembergRemix – Erik Ljunggren4:49
2-16Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) (Steve Osborne Version) Mixed By, Producer – Steve Osborne4:27

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