Pink, The Albums…so Far!!! (6 CD Box)

СтильPop Rock, RnB
ИзданиеФирменное издание
Номер в каталоге888751355125

 Can't Take Me Home
1-1Split Personality
1-2Hell Wit Ya
1-3Most Girls
1-4There You Go
1-5You Make Me Sick
1-6Let Me Let You Know
1-7Love Is Such A Crazy Thing
1-8Private Show
1-9Can't Take Me Home
1-10Stop Falling
1-11Do What U Do
1-13Is It Love
2-2Don't Let Me Get Me
2-3Just Like A Pill
2-4Get The Party Started
2-5Respect Featuring – Scratch
2-618 Wheeler
2-7Family Portrait
2-8Misery Featuring – Steven Tyler
2-9Dear Diary
2-11Lonely Girl Featuring – Linda Perry
2-13Gone To California
2-14My Vietnam
 Try This
3-2God Is A Dj
3-3Last To Know
3-4Tonight's The Night
3-5Oh My God Featuring – Peaches
3-6Catch Me While I'm Sleeping
3-7Waiting For Love
3-8Save My Life
3-9Try Too Hard
3-10Humble Neighborhoods
3-11Walk Away
3-13Feel Good Time
3-14Love Song
 I'm Not Dead
4-1Stupid Girls
4-2Who Knew
4-3Long Way To Happy
4-4Nobody Knows
4-5Dear Mr. President Featuring – Indigo Girls
4-6I'm Not Dead
4-7Cuz I Can
4-8Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
4-9U + Ur Hand
4-11The One That Got Away
4-12I Got Money Now
4-13Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
4-14I Have Seen The Rain Featuring – James T. Moore
5-1So What
5-3I Don't Believe You
5-4One Foot Wrong
5-5Please Don't Leave Me
5-6Bad Influence
5-8Crystal Ball
5-10It's All Your Fault
5-11Ave Mary A
5-12Glitter In The Air
5-13This Is How It Goes Down Featuring – Travis McCoy
 The Truth About Love
6-1Are We All We Are
6-2Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
6-4Just Give Me A Reason Featuring – Nate Ruess
6-5True Love Featuring – Lily Allen
6-6How Come You're Not Here
6-7Slut Like You
6-8The Truth About Love
6-9Beam Me Up
6-10Walk Of Shame
6-11Here Comes The Weekend Featuring – Eminem
6-12Where Did The Beat Go?
6-13The Great Escape

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