Nina Simone, The Complete Rca Albums Collection (Box Set 9 CD)

СтильFunk Jazz, Soul Blues, Soul-Jazz, Vocal jazz
ИзданиеФирменное издание
Номер в каталоге886979389021

 Nina Simone Sings The Blues
1-1Do I Move You?2:45
1-2Day And Night2:33
1-3In The Dark2:56
1-4Real, Real2:20
1-5My Man's Gone Now4:16
1-6Backlash Blues2:29
1-7I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl2:33
1-9Since I Fell For You2:50
1-10The House Of The Rising Sun3:51
1-11Blues For Mama3:50
1-12Do I Move You? [second version]2:17
1-13Whatever I Am (You Made Me)3:03
 Silk & Soul
2-1It Be's That Way Sometime2:58
2-2The Look Of Love2:23
2-3Go To Hell2:49
2-4Love O' Love5:06
2-6I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free3:09
2-7Turn Me On2:26
2-8Turning Point2:01
2-9Some Say2:10
2-11Why Must Your Love Well Be So Dry2:20
2-12Save Me3:22
 'Nuff Said!
3-1In The Morning2:12
3-2Sunday In Savannah5:59
3-3The Backlash Blues2:43
3-4Please Read Me2:44
3-5Gin House Blues2:47
3-6Why? (The King Of Love Is Dead)12:56
3-7Peace Of Mind2:40
3-8Ain't Got No - I Got Life2:05
3-9I Loves You Porgy3:27
3-10Take My Hand Precious Lord1:35
3-11Do What You Gotta Do2:55
3-12Mississippi Goddam6:55
3-13Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood4:54
3-14Come Ye3:46
3-15Ain't Got No - I Got Life (Single)2:56
3-16Peace Of Mind (Single)2:34
 Nina Simone And Piano!
4-1Seems I'm Never Tired Lovin' You3:01
4-2Nobody's Fault But Mine2:59
4-3I Think It's Going To Rain Today3:20
4-4Everyone's Gone To The Moon3:07
4-6Who Am I4:05
4-7Another Spring3:32
4-8The Human Touch2:09
4-9I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)4:49
4-10The Desperate Ones4:42
4-11Music For Lovers4:37
4-12In Love In Vain4:09
4-13I'll Look Around3:00
4-14The Man With The Horn3:35
4-15I Think It's Going To Rain Today (Live)4:44
 To Love Somebody
5-2Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There Is A Season)3:37
5-3Revolution (Part 1)2:48
5-4Revolution (Part 2)1:48
5-5To Love Somebody2:38
5-6I Shall Be Released4:00
5-7I Can't See Nobody3:06
5-8Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues4:48
5-9The Times They Are A-Changin'5:58
5-10Suzanne (Alternate Version)5:12
5-11Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There Is A Season) (Alternate Version)2:18
5-12Revolution (Live)6:23
5-13Save Me (Live)3:33
5-14The Glory Of Love2:06
5-15Cosi Ti Amo (To Love Somebody ) (Italian Version)2:34
 Black Gold
6-2Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair7:30
6-3Ain't Got No - I Got No Life5:30
6-5Who Knows Where The Time Goes8:80
6-6The Assignment Sequence6:28
6-7To Be Young, Gifted And Black10:10
6-9No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed4:51
6-10The Other Woman (Live)6:01
6-11Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There Is A Season) (Live)3:37
6-12To Be Young, Gifted And Black (Single)2:50
 Here Comes The Sun
7-1Here Comes The Sun3:31
7-2Just Like A Woman4:38
7-3O-O-H Child3:14
7-4Mr. Bojangles4:58
7-5New World Coming4:58
7-6Angel Of The Morning3:29
7-7How Long Must I Wonder6:16
7-8My Way5:08
7-10My Father1:40
7-11Jelly Roll8:11
7-12Tell It Like It Is3:51
7-1322nd Century8:44
7-14What Have They Done To My Song, Ma4:32
 Emergency Ward
8-1My Sweet Lord / Today Is A Killer18:29
8-3Isn't It A Pity11:02
8-4Let It Be Me5:02
 It Is Finished
9-1The Pusher5:12
9-2Com' By H'Yere Good Lord2:55
9-3Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter5:21
9-4Mr. Bojangles5:21
9-5I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl5:54
9-7Let It Be Me3:35
9-8Obeah Woman6:17
9-11Thandewye a.k.a. A Charge To Keep7:22

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