Chicago, At Carnegie Hall (1971) (4CD) (USA)

СтильFusion, Jazz-Rock
ИзданиеФирменное издание
Номер в каталоге081227617424

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1-1In The Country10:35
1-2Fancy Colours5:15
1-3Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Free Form Intro)6:20
1-4Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?3:26
1-5South California Purples15:34
1-6Questions 67 And 685:35
1-7Sing A Mean Tune Kid12:53
It Better End Soon (Tks 1-5):
2-11st Movement2:54
2-22nd Movement (Flute Solo)5:00
2-33rd Movement (Guitar Solo)2:42
2-44th Movement (Preach)3:09
2-55th Movement2:07
2-9Flight 6023:31
2-10Motorboat To Mars2:51
2-12Where Do We Go From Here2:48
2-13I Don't Want Your Money5:22
3-1Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home7:55
Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon (Tks 2-8):
3-2Make Me Smile3:31
3-3So Much To Say, So Much To Give0:59
3-4Anxiety's Moment1:08
3-5West Virginia Fantasies1:30
3-6Colour My World3:26
3-7To Be Free1:21
3-8Now More Than Ever3:25
3-9A Song For Richard And His Friends6:58
3-1025 Or 6 To 46:34
3-11I'm A Man8:51
Bonus Selections:
4-3South California Purples12:41
4-4Loneliness Is Just A Word2:44
4-5Free From Intro (Naseltones)5:58
4-6Sing A Mean Tune Kid10:50
An Hour In The Shower:
4-7A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast / Off To Work / Fallin' Out / Dreamin' Home / Morning Blues Again5:59
4-825 Or 6 To 46:20

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