Bach, Partitas N1 & N2 (W.Rubsam, Piano) (CD)

  • Студія: NAXOS
  • Артикул: 4891030506923
  • Наявність: Немає в наявності
200 грн
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Видання: Фірмове видання
Рік: 1993
Студія: NAXOS
Формат: CD
Жанр: Класика
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Видання Фірмове видання
Рік 1993
Формат CD
Жанр Класика
Стиль Baroque, Classical
Стан підкатегорія -
Студія NAXOS
Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita No. 1 in B flat major, BWV 825
I. Praeludium
II. Allemande
III. Corrente
IV. Sarabande
V. Menuets I and II
VI. Giga Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita No. 2 in C minor, BWV 826
I. Sinfonia
II. Allemande
III. Courante
IV. Sarabande
V. Rondeaux
VI. Capriccio Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude and Fughetta in G major, BWV 902
Prelude and Fughetta in G major, BWV 902 Johann Sebastian Bach: Capriccio sopra la lontananza del fratello dilettissmo in B flat major, BWV 992
I. Arioso: Adagio - His friends try to persuade him not to undertake the journey.
II. They tell him of the various misfortunes that may befall him abroad.
III. Adagissimo: The general lament of his friends.
IV. His friends come, since they see that it must be, and take leave of him.
V. Postilion's Aria: Allegro poco
VI. Fugue in imitation of the post horn