Hazell Dean, Collected | Special Box Set (4 CD)

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Видання: Фірмове видання
Рік: 2018
Формат: CD
Жанр: Поп
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Видання Фірмове видання
Рік 2018
Формат CD
Жанр Поп
Стиль Electronic, Euro-Pop
Стан підкатегорія -
  Disc 1: Nightlife
1-1 Nightlife (Matt Pop Mix)
1-2 History (Andy Haldane Mix)
1-3 24 Hours From Tulsa (Matt Pop Mix)
1-4 How Can I Get Over Getting Over You (Luke LaBarre Getting Over The 80's Mix)
1-5 Still Hurts (Matt Pop Mix)
1-6 I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten (Matt Pop Mix)
1-7 Judgement Day (Matt Pop Mix)
1-8 A Love Forever (Matt Pop Mix)
1-9 Addicted To Love (Ross Alexander Mix)
1-10 I've Got The Music In Me (Andy Haldane Mix)
1-11 Out Of Control (Tony Marinello Mix)
1-12 Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) (Sleazesisters Anthem Remix)
  Disc 2: In The Name Of... (The Matt Pop Mixes)
2-1 This Is My Life
2-2 In The Name Of Love
2-3 No Frills Love
2-4 Can You Feel It?
2-5 Shattered Glass
2-6 Close To Perfection
2-7 We Belong
2-8 I Believe In Dreams
2-9 Let The Night Take The Blame
2-10 Never Can Say Goodbye
  Disc 3: In The Name Of Nightlife (Album Versions)
3-1 Love Pains (Klub Kidz Mix)
3-2 This Is My Life (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-3 Nightlife (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-4 Still Hurts (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-5 They Say It's Gonna Rain (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-6 In The Name Of Love (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-7 Addicted To Love (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-8 Out Of Control (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-9 Trade Him (For A Newer Model) (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-10 I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-11 Close To Perfection (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-12 Judgement Day (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-13 A Love Forever (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-14 We Belong (Dean & Ware Mix)
3-15 I Believe In Dreams (Dean & Ware Mix)
  Disc 4: Remixed!
4-1 This Is My Life (Almighty Mix)
4-2 We Belong (Matt Pop's For The Co-Pilot Mix)
4-3 24 Hours (Matt Pop Extended)
4-4 Nightlife (Project K Mix)
4-5 Shattered Glass (Yisraelee Retro Edit)
4-6 In The Name Of Love (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix)
4-7 I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten (Stormby Mix)
4-8 Can You Feel It? (Little D And Laydee T Mix)
4-9 They Say It's Gonna Rain (Cats & Dogs Mix)
4-10 Hazell's Party Mix